Taking myself or my many personal opinions too seriously isn't good for my mental health. I try not to (take myself too seriously) by remembering that nobody else gives a shit about my opinion.

I ate too much soup for lunch.

Nobody gives a shit.

I love hats and own many. But, really, who gives a shit?


I way prefer an umbrella to a raincoat. And again, who gives a shit?


My doctor tells me that I can no longer eat dairy. Except for occasionally missing it at mealtimes, who gives a shit?


I went to a movie that got great reviews by both critics and the public. I hated it and was so bored that I walked out. Does anybody really give a shit?


The jewelry store owner smirked as she changed my watch battery, letting me know that I'd gotten a cheapo brand. She was rude, but should I care what she thinks of my choices? Well, no.